During a migration, end-to-end testing to ensure complete coverage is mandatory and can only be achieved by utilizing resources efficiently. Paragon offers you a comprehensive set of options for ensuring the testing strategy for your next migration meets all these needs.

ATM and Payments Migration Testing?

  • Cover the code in your ATM software testing stack end-to-end 
  • Confirm EMV transaction processing
  • Do more payments testing with fewer ATMs
  • Centrally control ATM and payments tests and testing access
  • Leverage globally deployed ATM testing resources, without relying on your ATM test lab
  • Benchmark ATM performance before and after payments migration

Host Testing Payments Software Migration?

  • Benchmark software platform
  • Validate end-to-end financial message processing in the existing and new payment engine–including EMV transactions
  • Connect globally deployed resources with 24/7 ATM & payments testing
  • Ensure that your customers have all the same functionality with the new system

Hardware Migration?

  • Benchmark hardware and software testing components
  • Determine if new ATM and payments hardware and software platforms will meet capacity needs
  • Get accurate statistics to determine the number of hardware servers and HSMs required
  • Determine future capacity of existing hardware and software components

Case Studies

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Bank Mandiri Benchmarks HP Nonstop Blade Performance with Paragon FASTress

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