At any given moment, every financial institution has a migration project in progress. Perhaps you are migrating from one application platform to another, upgrading core software, or perhaps you are migrating a database. Paragon can offer project planning, technical assistance and ATM and payments testing solutions to ease system migration at your organization.

Provide administrative project management

  • Conduct a detailed evaluation of the current system configuration  
  • Document the current system's customizations
  • Discuss project goals and timeframes
  • Recommend a ATM and payments migration project plan
  • Develop an integration test plan

Provide technical assistance

  • Convert production data files (standard and customized)
  • Confirm proper BIN routing and priority BIN routing
  • Test ATM and payments system logons
  • Test message security/data encryption, including
  • Examine and test message processing, including

Provide ATM and payments testing solutions

  • Benchmark your ATM and payments software testing platform with FASTress
  • Confirm your financial message processing with Web FASTest

Paragon Professional Services Specialists draw from extensive hands-on experience with a number of systems. This allows us to offer your organization a specialist who is uniquely qualified to meet your needs.

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