As a financial institution, processor or switch, undergoing a hardware migration, you need to know your system’s limits, so your users won’t. The last thing you want is for your customers to experience delays or denied transactions because your ATM and payments testing system is overloaded. Proactive testing enables you to determine your system’s capacity.

Paragon provides products and services to accurately determine your system’s capacity. Use Paragon’s FASTress or the stress and load testing module in Web FASTest to:

  • Simulate transactions from all of your interfaces including ATMs, POS devices, switch issuers and acquirers  
  • Adjust transactions per second (TPS) up and down during testing
  • Simulate multiple transactions from different sources
  • Determine your system’s breaking point

Paragon Professional Service Specialists bring expertise with over 100 financial message formats and with load testing systems for capacity planning. Services include:

  • Stress and load testing engagements performed on your behalf
  • FASTress configuration for specific interfaces
  • FASTress software delivery and installation
  • Connecting FASTress software to the host
  • Comprehensive product training

Provide ATM and payments testing solutions

  • Benchmark your software platform with FASTress
  • Confirm your financial message processing with Web FASTest

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