Change is a constant in a thriving ePayments environment. Perhaps you are updating your host system, implementing network mandates, or connecting with a new credit or debit card network. Any changes that effect transaction processing between networks and financial institutions require testing to ensure they will work in production. By pre-certifying with a network simulator, you can catch and fix errors prior to online certification testing. This reduces the time and expense of actual on-line payments certification testing.

If you are a switch or debit or credit card processor, you can offer Web FASTest to members for ATM and payments pre-certification and certification testing. Payments certification testing typically involves someone at your network member’s site and a technician at your site conducting the same test transactions over and over until they are processed correctly. Web FASTest is a centralized ATM and payments testing tool that enables switch network members to conduct on-demand, unattended payments testing from their PCs—24 hours a day—through your Internet or Intranet connection, without requiring your technical resource on-site.

Paragon also offers a hosted OnDemand payments certification testing platform allowing you to outsource certification

Paragon Professional Service Specialists combine ATM and payments pre-certification testing knowledge with expertise in more than 100 financial transaction message formats. Services include:

  • Software delivery and installation
  • Production data file customization for testing
  • Updating test cases to support mandates
  • Comprehensive product training

To find out more about how Paragon ATM and payments testing software and services can help you save time and money with pre-certification testing, contact

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