Payment testing systems are too complex and change too quickly for any organizations to risk deployments without frequent, comprehensive ATM and payments network regression testing. No company can hire enough people to deliver the required level of payments testing in the time window available in a release cycle. So any 21st century payments testing strategy must rely on automation of test execution and verification

Automated payments testing through the product lifecycle improves quality and reduces costs. With automated payments testing you can:

  • Improve quality by significantly increasing payments test coverage
  • Centralize test management to reduce costs
  • Connect globally deployed resources with 24/7 payments QA and network regression testing
  • Reduce internal IT costs by eliminating desktop software, licensing, installation and PC management issues
  • Virtualize your ATM and payments testing network to increase coverage and reduce cost.

Paragon Web FASTest is a private cloud -based payments testing simulator that connects globally deployed resources and offers payments QA testing tools, development, payments certification testing, stress and settlement testing on-demand—anytime, anywhere. Paragon VirtualATM is a powerful End-to-End payments testing simulator that tests the complete ATM software stack as it would be deployed in a real ATM. It is designed to replace the physical ATM hardware in the test environment.