There is no substitute for “been there, done that” and after more than 20 years of the testing ePayment systems we have a depth of experience that helps us help you be successful. Our experience in ePayment simulation, configuration and testing stretches around the world. Our specialists combine an in-depth understanding of ePayment systems at the host, processor and device level to assist customers with:

Product Installation

  • Delivery and installation of Paragon payments software
  • Interfacing Paragon solutions with proprietary applications

Optimizing Payments Testing

  • Customizing production data files
  • Developing comprehensive payments testing cases
  • Implementing automated payments testing processes
  • Updating test cases to support mandates

Specific Automated Payments Testing Solutions

  • Converting ATM configurations
  • Payments migration testing
  • Load testing systems for capacity planning
  • Implementing EMV testing
  • Payments Pre-certification testing
  • Payments Disaster recovery testing

Paragon Professional Services Specialists also conduct comprehensive training sessions to help customers get the most benefit from our applications. For more information on how your organization can benefit from Paragon's consulting services, contact