Our centralized cloud based payments testing services reduce the amount of time and money required to maintain your ePayment testing environment. We provide your developers, quality assurance personnel, and network members access to a secure, cloud based payments testing solution for function, regression and pre-certification testing via the Internet, 24/7. Benefits of our ParagonEdge OnDemand services include the following:

Centralize Payments Testing Infrastructure

  • Increase payments testing efficiency with a common, shared testing platform.

On-Demand ATM and Payments Testing: Anytime, Anywhere

  • Ability for users at multiple sites to test 24/7 via the Internet with a user ID and password
  • Easily share test cases and view testing progress

Customized Payments QA Testing Tools, Developers or Pre-Certification

  • Conduct payments network regression testing on code to ensure it is ready to go into production
  • Create function tests to use during development cycle
  • Execute on-line pre-certification testing

Payments Testing of Financial Message Formats You Need When You Need Them

  • Use of over 100 ISO, POS, ATM and IFX financial message formats for complete function, payments network regression and pre-certification testing
  • Support of Paragon’s years of experience with financial message simulation and validation

Maintenance-Free Payments Testing and Automatic Updates

  • Benefit of a payments testing environment with the latest system software, software patches and upgrades without your team being required to do system maintenance

Reduce Testing Cost

  • No hardware or software installations are required
  • Need for IT department support reduced

Access to a Secure Payments Testing Platform

  • Transactions travel over a secure VPN connection
  • Only authorized personnel are granted access to testing data

Creation of Timely Test Reports

  • Configurable views of test results
  • View high-level compiled progress reports, detailed test documentation for regulatory compliance and more to easily monitor payments testing progress by user or group.

Contact Paragon to learn how to enhance your testing for pre-certification, quality assurance and developers with ParagonEdge OnDemand.