We offer both online and on-site EMV testing training. Our series of eleven free online training courses provide a foundation of EMV knowledge. Building on the online training classes, Paragon provides in-depth on-site training and consulting services to assist with your EMV implementation as well asĀ  EMV testing solutions. During onsite training, we show you how to simulate and test EMV transactions using our simulation and testing tools. Our onsite training programs are described below.

EMV Testing Project Team Training

Audience: Anyone who will be involved in the EMV migration testing project. This class provides a broad introduction to EMV and includes just enough technical detail so that attendees recognize the enterprise-wide impact of the project.

Duration: 2 days


  • Magnetic stripe technology: terminology, transaction flow and vulnerabilities
  • Overview of chip card technology
  • Introduction to EMV and EMVCo
  • EMV drivers, benefits, and challenges
  • Important EMV testing concepts
  • Decision points for acquirers
  • Decision points for issuers
  • Decision points for processors and networks
  • Mobile payments
  • US-specific implementation challenges (e.g. common debit AIDs)
  • Recommendations and references

Additional training for MasterCard and Visa specific products and services is available

EMV Testing Technical Team Training.

Audience: Team members responsible for implementing hardware and software changes related to EMV, e.g. business analysts, developers, and QA resources.

Prerequisite: EMV Testing Technical Training

Duration: 1 day


  • EMV testing specification, including organization of documents
  • EMV terminology (e.g. EMV Tag, ICC application, AID, AIP, CVM, TVR, CAM)
  • Format of APDU command and response messages
  • Keys, encryption, and hashing
  • Detailed analysis of an online EMV transaction
  • Detailed analysis of an offline EMV transaction
  • Offline PIN management
  • Terminal modifications and certifications
  • Characteristics of dual interface cards
  • Characteristics of contactless readers
  • Contactless transaction flow
  • Mobile banking and payments
  • References and Q&A

Additional training for MasterCard and Visa specific products and services is available.

EMV Testing Program/Project Management Overview.

Audience: Program and project managers responsible for developing the EMV migration program/project plan, working with vendors, and coordinating all activity related to the project.

Prerequisite: EMV Project Team Training

Duration: 1/2 day


  • Preparing for your EMV project: defining program drivers, business case development, identifying resource requirements
  • Stages of an acquirer project
  • Highlights of a processor or network project
  • Stages of an issuer project
  • Certifications required for vendors, acquirers, and issuers
  • Impacts to documentation, marketing, training, and education
  • Planning for a phased implementation
  • Overview of a mobile project
  • Recommendations, summary, Q&A

Additional training for MasterCard and Visa specific products and services is available.

EMV Consulting Services

Paragon provides EMV Testing Consulting Services for the business, technical, and project aspects of your EMV migration. We understand the vast number of EMV-related options that you will face as an acquirer, issuer, or processor, and we provide you with the information you need so that you can make the best decision for your business.

For more information, contact Paragon at e-mail info@paragonedge.com or call +1-919-567-9890. (need to normalize how telephone numbers are presented)