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Here Comes EMV

Are you ready? We can help you and your team tune your EMV testing solution and technical plans to meet the deadlines ahead.

We offer both online and on-site EMV training. Our series of eleven free online training courses provide a foundation of EMV knowledge. Building on the online training classes, Paragon provides in-depth on-site training and consulting services to assist with your EMV implementation as well as EMV testing solutions. During onsite training, we show you how to simulate and test transactions using our EMV simulation and testing tools.

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Industry Leading Expertise

Our Professional Service specialists deliver decades of ePayment systems expertise at the host, processor and device level.

There is no substitute for “been there, done that” and after more than 20 years of the End-to-End payments testing ePayment systems we have a depth of experience that helps us help you be successful. Our experience in EMV simulation, configuration and testing stretches around the world.

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Service Customers Brag On

Today, more than ever, you cannot afford to wait when you have an issue. Our customers will tell you we get that!

In today’s ePayment environment with systems processing thousands of transactions a second, any issues that arise must be resolved as quickly as possible. We support customers all around the world meeting their needs at the host, processor and device level. Our team of support professionals brings more than 300 years of experience with electronic funds transfer (EFT) systems.

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Save Time And Money 24/7

Reduce the time and expense of maintaining your automated payments testing platform and offer users 24/7 testing access.

Our centralized cloud based payments testing services reduce the amount of time and money required to maintain your automated testing environment. We provide your developers, quality assurance personnel, and network members access to a secure, cloud based payments testing solution for function, regression and payment pre-certification testing via the Internet, 24/7.

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Training That Fits You

It is not enough to know how a product works. You have to know how it works in your environment. We customize our training for your situation.

Our interactive product training sessions are designed to ensure customers learn how to fully utilize Paragon’s payments testing tools to address their specific ePayment configuration and transaction testing requirements.

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Continuing Education

Get more knowledge on EMV testing and the payments industry when it works best for you and without leaving on a jet plane.

Continuing education is a vital to you meeting the challenge of keeping your staff current about new technologies and project requirements. However, you need education that works with your schedule. That’s why we’re developing a series of free, online training courses.

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Our Customers Say

Customer Testimonails

Paragon’s Support team is always available. If I had to rate my experience with Paragon employees and products on a scale from 1 to 5, I’d give them a 5.

Dan Antonescu Program Manager - RBS Bank

Customer Testimonails

Paragon Customer Support is great! When I have a problem your team goes out of their way to resolve it.

Maya Howlett-Coleman BASE24 Developer - Fiserv

Customer Testimonails

I learned a lot and it was conducted in a manner in which it was very easy to follow and grasp the material.

Tana Olson Senior Project Manager - Citigroup

Customer Testimonails

EMV training gave an excellent overview from all angles: technology, challenges and applications.

Mark Floyd Manager MDOS - US Bank

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