Paragon VirtualATM

Beyond Testing Screens and States – Paragon Announces an Open Development (XFS) ATM Test Solution

Verifying the ability of your open architecture ATM software solution to correctly handle financial message processing and terminal errors is imperative, but can be challenging when access to XFS-based ATMs is limited or unavailable. Paragon VirtualATM is a Windows®-based graphical simulator that allows you to easily and accurately test your ATM configuration files and XFS devices - the files that control the transaction flows and the screen displays that customers see at your devices. Paragon VirtualATM is currently in development.

New Technology – with Familiar Challenges

Open development ATM software solutions for a Microsoft Windows platform (sometimes referred to as XFS ATM solutions) such as Diebold’s AGILIS or NCR’s APTRA Edge, offer new possibilities for your organization, enabling you to offer a variety of services on hardware from a wide range of vendors. But even with the new capabilities this technology offers, your organization still faces many of the same old challenges, such as: keeping up with new transaction types, new products, and frequent network mandates.

Developing and testing configurations for open architecture ATMs can be time consuming and costly.

  • Devices are expensive and may not be available in the test lab
  • If devices are available in the lab, there is contention when scheduling test time
  • Manually performing test transactions and recording the results of those tests is labor intensive
  • Testing hardware faults requires risking "breaking" a test machine

Paragon VirtualATM enables you to test your XFS configurations from your PC. The simulator has controls that enable you to step through the transaction flow as it would occur at a physical ATM – simulating card entry, PIN entry, depository use, account selection, and more – and seeing the same screen displays that customers see at your ATM.

And because the Paragon VirtualATM communicates with the actual ATM application (such as Diebold’s AGILIS or NCR’s APTRA Edge), you have the most realistic open architecture ATM simulation possible.

Experience Robust, Realistic Open Architecture ATM Simulation

Prove ATMs by:

  • Verifying transaction flow during testing, and using trace files for optional analysis of transaction activity after testing concludes
  • Using simulated devices/drivers that behave like those available at the ATM
  • Verifying ATM screen displays

Prove Your ePayment Stack End-to-End

Prove your ePayment stack end-to-end, from ATM to host system to financial switch to authorizer -- and back. Capture transaction messages and application messages in a log for use during testing, as well as later analysis.

Get More Testing Done – with Fewer Test ATMs

Paragon VirtualATM communicates with your ATM Application, which resides on a Virtual Machine (VM). This reduces your need for expensive test ATMs in your test lab, reduces contention for lab time, and enables you to conduct realistic test simulations from your desk according to your schedule.

Paragon VirtualATM is currently being beta-tested by selected customers, with general availability scheduled for mid-2015. For more information on our latest simulator, or any of our other advanced test solutions, contact your Paragon Sales Representative.