Paragon Application Systems’ Web FASTest™ Qualified for Discover® D- PAS

Paragon’s Web FASTest, a cloud-based ePayments testing solution, is qualified for Discover® D-PAS

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EMV at the ATM Whitepaper: Strategies for Implementing U.S. Common Debit AIDs

To address questions from ATM deployers about EMV migration using U.S. Common Debit AIDs, the EMV Migration Forum’s ATM Working Committee has added an appendix to the white paper, “Implementing EMV at the ATM: Requirements and Recommendations for the U.S. ATM Community.”

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Using EMV to Reduce Counterfeit Fraud Presentation at ATMIA Latin America

Learn how EMV helps defend against counterfeit fraud resulting from skimming in the ATMIA Latin America presentation by Paragon Application Systems on Wednesday, June 10th at 4:00pm

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Case Studies

Banelco Reduces Testing Time Using Paragon Software

Bank Mandiri Benchmarks HP Nonstop Blade Performance with Paragon FASTress

CSFI (US) Uses Paragon Solutions for 17 Years of Feature-Rich ATM Configuration Development

Evertec Uses Solutions from Paragon Application Systems to Implement EMV

Evertec Uses Solutions from Paragon Application Systems to Implement Voice Guidance at ATMs

FirstBank Speeds ATM Configuration Development with Paragon ConfigBuilder

INTERPRO Speeds ATM Configuration Development with Paragon’s ConfigBuilder

Paragon Software Eases EMV Migration for The Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (Knet)

A Leading Software Testing Provider Speeds Release Cycles with a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery System and Web FASTest

Multicarta Licenses Paragon Software for End-to-End ePayment System Testing

A Top 5 International Card Network improves Network Certification with Web FASTest

Turkish Economy Bank Confirms New System Capacity with FASTress

UPC Creates ePayment Testing Hub with Web FASTest

Industry Insights

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